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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance provides a safety net for you and your family, when certain unfortunate events occur such as theft, burglary and fire. Chances are your home is the single most expensive item you will ever purchase, and one of your most valuable investments.  Every year insurance companies pay more than $75 billion in claims resulting from losses suffered due to fires, hurricanes, robberies, dog bites and other incidents. The trauma of damage to your property is stressful enough without having to wonder if your homeowners insurance will cover the claim. So, whatever your homeowners insurance needs, you should look for a company that is financially sound, has a history of providing good service, that's where we can help. It's important that you have the right homeowners insurance to protect your home with a company you can trust.

Hancock Perdue Insurance Jacksonville offers you peace of mind and 100% satisfaction knowing that you will receive quality homeowners insurance coverage and protection on not only your home but also your possessions, assets and even your financial future. Call Hancock Perdue Insurance Jacksonville today for a free homeowners insurance quote, we'll help you understand what coverage is right for you and what discounts and savings may be available. Jacksonville homeowners have additional worries because homes in coastal areas like the southeast U.S. are more exposed to hurricanes than homes in other areas, so homeowners in this area may find fewer choices available to them for coverage against hurricanes. The closer an area is to the coast and the further south that area is, the fewer insurers may be willing to accept the risk of hurricane coverage.

Another thing that affects the availability of insurance is  pending events. For example, in many cases, if a hurricane or a wildfire is approaching, insurance companies issue temporary moratoriums on binding coverage, and no new coverage can be written in that area threatened by the peril.

Flood coverage is usually not provided by typical homeowners insurance policies, so it is most likely that unless you've purchased a flood insurance policy, you do not have coverage for flood losses. Flood insurance is available through many different insurance companies, but the federal government, through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), alone bears the risk. According to the NFIP, a flood is a temporary overflow of inland or tidal waters onto normally dry land, or run-off water from rain, etc. Floods also include mudflows onto dry land, and water-caused erosion or collapse of land along a lake, pond, river or stream, which then results in the temporary overflow of water onto normally dry land. If you operate a home business full-or part-time you might be uninsured and not realize it. Many home business owners believe that their homeowners insurance policy covers all their home business needs. You should not assume that your homeowners  insurance policy will cover your home business. Your homeowner's policy may provide coverage but probably only a limited amount for business equipment in the home.

Bright Ideas about Homeowner's Insurance


  • Read and understand your policy.
  • Maintain a list of personal property, as well as photographic records, and store in a safe-deposit box or other location away from home.
  • Make sure that your coverage keeps pace with improvements or rising value.
  • Review your policy annually.
  • Contact your local fire department or other emergency agencies for area-specific information on improving the safety of your property.


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